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Why I am running

I’m running because we do not have a government that listens to the voters. This is demonstrated in the changes they made to voter approved Proposition 2, Medical Marijuana, and Proposition 3, Expanded Medicaid.    


The Utah State Constitution provides that the Legislature can overturn voter initiatives with a simple majority vote.  Through redistricting the Republicans hold 78% of the elected positions and can repeal what the voters asked for.  Why would the Legislature honor Proposition 4, Independent Redistricting Commission, that could reduce their power? They will not.





Among the many problems facing this state the following rank extremely high in my mind:



K – 12 Education.  We know for a fact that teachers in Utah deserve a pay raise, especially considering that we have the lowest funding per student in the United States. Many teachers buy supplies out of their own pockets.  We also have the highest number of students per classroom in the United States​​​​


Healthcare availability and affordability.  After Medicaid Expansion was voted in, the Legislature changed it to add a work requirement. The work requirement has been delayed through the pandemic period but will go into effect afterwards.  We did not vote for this.  ​​


Taxes. In 2018 we voted against the 10 cent a gallon gas tax. In 2019 and 2020 the state legislators went around us by proposing a slight decrease to our flat tax and an increase to taxes on gas, food, and services.  The governor signed this into law.  Because of the backlash by Utah residents this was repealed a month after signing.​​​​


Jobs and the economy.  In Saint George, our largest employers are: Retail, Medical, Education, and Construction. We need to actively promote this area as business ready, with a highly educated and trained population.


Lake Powell Pipeline (LLP).  Considering the high cost of the LPP of $2 billion, that the residents of Washington County will be liable for, we must seriously consider alternatives. With all information available, pro and con, the taxpayers should have a say about this through the ballot.


I believe the following are not just District 75 issues but Utah issues

We have a lot to work on: 

Affordable housing
Education funding for K – 12
Guns – Defeat proposed legislation that will allow concealed weapons to be carried without a permit.
Women’s issues – Women’s bodies should not be legislated. (Utah has never passed the ERA, now they are legislating our bodies)
Childcare – Safe, accessible, and reliable
Health Care – Affordable options

Rebecca Sullivan

for State Legislature HD 75

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Elect Rebecca Sullivan

I Will Not Thwart the Will of My Constituents!

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